the tide rises ,the tide falls

the tide rises , the tide falls

when a tide goes up it is translate as luck to us , when a tide falls it is translated to fortune. to a long time people say it called justice or fairness but others it is only a simple tide . justice or fairness is translated to the quality to treat people in every social status , a long time values we try to look to our future , to be a valid person or a good , but never a bad person. we look our family to a model to follow and a to teach every single value . incredible that now in our society people disrespect others , they don't like if you are from a “good status“ or a “bad status“ they step on you and don't help you in some cases , when God says help me and i help you ,God is presented as this way , God says help is the best way to help the heart. justice in that people who people step on they , they think they're superiors and we all are equal , the justice in this cases is to help they to “try to change“ because in the way they goes …
Colombia is a country situated in the northwest of South America. It shares borders to the northwest with Panama city to the east of Venezuela and Brazil to the south of Ecuador and Peru.
My name is Lucianna and i am Colombiane. Everyone of my family is from Colombia.
One of the most thing i love from my country is the people.
Colombian people are very special,and their happiness is contagious. Almost everyone are such good person, very kind and i know they are available to help you in any situation you need.
Colombia is also a very religious country, almost all of the population is catholic, thats why there are more catholics churches than any other religions around the country.
About one year ago, the pope Francis second came to visit Colombia in the capital Bogota,
The whole country collapsed because he was here, many people came from all around the country just to saw him.
Colombia is also a great place for animals. we have many types of animals that maybe you ca…
My name is lucianna and i am going to talk about my personal life.
I am 17 years old and i live in a city called Barranquilla.
I study at Lyndon B school and i am in 11th grade almost done with school.
When i finish school i would like to study laws at Los Andes university of Bogota.
I am not only daughter, i have a not so little sister called Manuela, she´s 12 years old, but she is almost taller than me.
I also have a dog called Bruno Matias, i like to play with him at the park.
My favorite thing to do is to watch a great movie or read books.
My parents are called Lisette and Jose Luis. I love them a lot, they understand me like nobody else in the world.
My dad teaches me how to drive and sometimes i drive him to the mall or to the shopping center, i enjoy it because that way i can learn more to drive, and one thing i like the most about my dad is that he has a lot of pacient with me, he do not shout at me he always stay calm.. even one time when i almost crashed the car (my fault) b…